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In the history of the 14 most innovative giant electronic equipment

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11 foreign media news reported, along with every new smart phone, computer and chip launch, we are from the future life is getting closer. Ubiquitous high-speed wireless network? With LTE technology, has been far from that goal. Automatic driving a car? Google is developing. Automatically synchronize with your smartphone device? Say not that Nest?

Here are 14 models that we think will lead humanity into the future of products:


Kinect for Xbox sales potential quickly became the best Xbox 360 devices. It is not without reason. Since then, people bid farewell to handle playing electronic games with the times. Like Microsoft's advertising slogan said, the world is up to you to control (you are the controller). Now not only support Kinect gesture input, also supports voice input.

Innovation: Kinect is just the beginning. Imagine your TV or game consoles are applied like the Kinect technology, home entertainment will be other immersive. Remote control device era gone. Like "Back to the Future II" a line, "You mean you have to hand? Too juvenile it."

2 Walkman

Walkman is a first mainstream electronic devices. 1979 (or 1980) after the release, people used to go, music and where, even in the movement is no exception.

Innovation: iPod 30 years before the birth, Walkman had people in the car listening to music outdoors.

3.MakerBot Replicator3D printer

In the movie "Star Trek", replicator this machine can produce subatomic particles are arranged almost everything - food, clothes, and even other machines. MakerBot Replicator will like the movie earlier version of this machine.

Innovation: although make bricks without straw, the current form of 3D printing technology, but for the future of the world presents us with an interesting scene. Since the completion of his own at home can begin an auto parts, why helplessly wait several weeks for it to do?

Over the past involving pirated music and video commercials said, "you are not going to steal a car, right?" So, you will download a car design and print out the practice of car How should a conclusion it? This can only be from the future to find the answer.

4 Google Glasses

Although the concept has been in head-mounted display science fiction fanatics and futurists rooted in the minds of several decades, Google is the first glasses to capture the public eye, affecting nerve genuine public wearable devices.

Innovations: Google glasses such as wearable computers can be changed from the myriad aspects of our lives. News is not the same, the concert is not the same, even porn will bring a different feel.


IPhone first appeared, the first of its kind smartphone from opening. Since then noticed any changes occurred yet?

Innovation: iPhone equipped with very sensitive touch screen, a special media player, handheld high-speed internet (Wi-Fi, because no launch 3G) and attractive designs for today's smart phones set the standard.

6.Nest thermostat

Who knows people will as a new thermostat and crazy too? Nest thermostat came out a few years ago, people are really crazy. Nest soon be called the first "Apple Level (Apple-fied)" household equipment. This is not difficult to understand. Nest is a smart device, you can adjust the indoor temperature according to their habits. It can record when you go out, when to sleep. And design is very beautiful.

Innovation: This is to create a truly networked home has taken an important step, the device will provide you think of everything. Imagine if all of your appliances are as smart and Nest, it is not only convenient, but also saves you a lot of electricity.

7 Google automatic driving cars

In autonomous vehicles this product, Google mixed. However, Google still insist the project, Google X Labs geniuses are constantly improving driverless car products to overcome the difficulties. There are even rumors that Google plans to produce their own cars.

Innovations: Once autonomous vehicles to be perfect, the benefits are enormous. This will eliminate drunk driving, fatigue driving or driver error caused by security problems.


Before the advent of the iPad tablet computer already exists. But how many people will actually buy it?

Innovations: Like the iPhone, iPad terms of appearance or function, are each tablet set the standard.

9 TV box

If you want a networked TV, you have N number of options: Google's Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku there are a lot of these big names such as Samsung or Sony manufacturers of "smart TV."

Smart TV allows you to watch streaming video, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Instant and YouTube.

Innovations: With Smart TV, we are from an arbitrary demand content on the Web in the world is getting closer.

10 SSD

If you have a MacBook Air or Intel's ultra-extreme, you may have noticed that starts up faster than other notebooks. This is attributed to SSDs. SSDs are flash-based storage solutions, faster than traditional hard drives.

Drawback is that SSDs currently very expensive, the cheapest of several memory is only between 128GB to 256GB. If you want to store a lot of movies and music, the storage space is not enough.

Innovation: Once the price drops, SSDs will replace traditional hard disk drives, computer faster.

11 Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, "cloud" the word silently into our everyday technology parlance. Apple is no exception to online storage service named "iCloud". But the cloud, what is it? Simply put, it is a way to store all your files, photos and music the way through the Web on a remote server. Excellent cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive and, etc., become a virtual desktop folder, allowing you to access these files from anywhere.

Innovation: As the Internet faster, lighter and cheaper devices, cloud storage has become the best way to backup files. Cloud storage also saves a computer, tablet or smartphone valuable space.

12 Voice Control

Siri is not a true artificial intelligence technology, but it and similar services such as Google Now uses very large. It looks like we distance "Iron Man" in the JARVIS not far away.

Innovation: Siri and other similar applications are just the beginning. They have the ability to learn, you can continue to improve. The majority of people imagine that one day you will have a similar voice assistant Siri function.


LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless technology, capable of broadband speeds on mobile devices to transfer data. With the large carriers expanding LTE overlay network, most urban areas just a matter of LTE coverage.

Innovations: One day, when we recall that in order to use high-speed wireless Internet and go to rub Wi-Fi cafe the day. As mobile phones and tablet computers LTE chip, we finally can understand the feelings of the mobile network at any time up. LTE is presently not a beautiful clarification; however it's a step within the right direction.

14 collapsible display

Foldable touchscreen display may sound like science fiction things, but they do real. In fact, LG has completed a large-scale production of collapsible display the basic work.

Innovations: You may think foldable display is the gimmick will never become a reality, just as people once thought impossible to achieve the same touch screen. Imagine being able to your smart phone or tablet volume up and put it inside a pocket or bag. Also thin you think your iPhone?
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