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WWDC 2013: What to expect from the next event in San Francisco

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The next Monday, June 10 at 10 am Pacific, will kick off the long-awaited annual conference organized by Apple, so 'we will try to summarize through a single article all the rumors that arose during the last few weeks about the possible innovations that could assist during the event in San Francisco.

We know with certainty after the startling revelation in April by Apple, which will be presented the new version of iOS and OS X developers, a clear and undoubted reference to iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 . As usual, WWDC tip emphasis on software and services, but we can not exclude also an update of the Mac line with new terminals, while we know how the presentation of mobile devices is normally accompanied by specific events. Then proceed to analyze the possible novelties that we will see next week.

iOS 7
Attention is focused basically on iOS 7, the evolution of the operating system of Apple's mobile that under the leadership of Jony Ive could take on new connotations both functional and graphics, thanks to the much-vaunted and highly desired by Tim Cook "continuity" between hardware and software that could lead to an operating system-looking "Flat & Minimal" .

Apple will begin at the same time the distribution of the new OS to developers, giving you time to update applications, and take advantage of new features that will be implemented, helping in the growth of the synthesis system before the official debut on a large scale.

OS X 10.9

Together with the mobile operating system, will be the also upgrade the version for PC Mac OS X 10.9. Apple has not released public announcements about it and are not completely known news that the update will bring with him. There is talk, however, improvements to the Finder, a new and more powerful version of the Safari browser, support for multi-monitor, and a redefinition of multitasking that may have similarities with the iOS app switcher. According to the rumors, they could take away the approach of the two operating systems, with multiple changes not only functional but graphics.


We talk for some time of the intention on the part of Apple, in wanting to present a music streaming service similar to Pandora. Considerable delays were caused by the realization on the definition of the agreements with the major record labels, and it seems that the negotiations on the terms for the distribution of content and on royalties to be paid, may still be in place, forcing Apple to delay the presentation of the service of some month.

It 'a few days ago countersigned the agreement with Warner Music, with what has been called a last minute rush to fix the time bidding and unveil the new service during the upcoming WWDC 2013 .

If it is presented, iRadio will be launched globally along with iOS 7 by the end of this year, offering a free music streaming service, supported solely by advertising revenue.

Updates Macbook
Thanks to the arrival of the new chips Haswell , it is very likely that during the WWDC is presented the new line-up of portable terminals. In addition to the innovative  processors, is rumored an update on MacBook Pro Retina camera with the introduction of Full HD Facetime, and the adoption of a dual microphone on the MacBook Air to enhance the sound. It could also be introduced the new standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac in all new models.

A new Mac Pro?

After the disappointing update last year, Apple has confirmed unusually long ago through the words of Tim Cook, who would redesign a new model for 2013. Some rumors suggested that his successor would be presented during the spring, but something is not successful, and most importantly, the company was forced to halt sales of the current models in Europe for failure to comply with certain safety requirements . And 'reasonable to assume at this point that the next WWDC would be the perfect opportunity to announce new models, with a subsequent marketing in the coming months.

This summarizes the most likely news to which we will see during the next WWDC 2013 . appointment then to 10 June , where we will know all the news presented by Apple, through news and analysis in real time on our blog.
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