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Samsung Galaxy S5: Check it all the main characteristics summarized in an infographic

Saturday, March 1, 2014 | 1 comments

A few days after the official launch, Samsung publishes an infographic that shows the main features of its new Galaxy S5. The image contains a detailed and precise all the information that may be of interest to anyone who was willing to get close to Galaxy S5.

Listing the main features both hardware and software, as well as specifies size and weight. Although the specifications are not eye-popping as he expected, Galaxy S5 can convince thanks to a particularly well supplied software.

Meizu MX3 ready to launch in France on 6 March | Rumor


Meizu might soon arrive in Europe, starting with France. The rumor comes from several French sources have confirmed that the official presentation of the Meizu MX3, one of the newest smartphone manufacturer, as part of an event that will be held in Paris March 6.

Meizu, for the moment, has not officially announced the news , though he had already planned launch in the U.S. and Europe during 2014. Meizu, in view of the possible onset of MX3 in France, will also distribute a new update for the ROM Flyme, including certainly the French, and probably also other European languages.

Comes from XDA a tool for managing the recovery, restoration, and much more dedicated to Moto G

Friday, February 7, 2014 | 0 comments

We have repeatedly expressed our appreciation against the Motorbike G , a device belonging to the lower middle end of the market but offers a user experience that is hard to find in the terminals of the same level and he can not look bad even with the most renowned top range. For those come close for the first time in the Android world and had recently gotten their hands on their new Moto G, the user XDA alonsoch has created a powerful tool that can provide all the necessary support to the modding of this terminal, we talk about Motorcycles Tool .

Thanks to Moto Tool is possible, once unlocked bootloader following the guidance that the developer provides, change recovery, install the necessary drivers for the Moto G, return your device to stock version, install SU and many other operations. The download of the tool is available in two editions, the first to 530MB which contains the functions of recovery, while the latter presents in front of a weight reduced to 60MB. If you are curious to have a similar tool for your Moto G, please refer to the official thread of the developer

Dong-hoon Chang VP Samsung confirms an important announcement for the upcoming MWC 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014 | 1 comments

There is no longer any doubt, during the course of February Mobile World Congress 2014, or at the same time, however, we will have the first concrete information on the next terminal tip of the Korean manufacturer ready for this first part of the year. The confirmation came from Dong-hoon Chang VP Samsung , remembering how Samsung Galaxy S5 will be built with a completely new material and which are still in progress all the developments necessary to evaluate the use of a flexible display or not.

The hypothesis, however, lead to a presentation out of the MWC 2014 but temporally close with two variants of the next top range, a part certainly the Galaxy S5 and the other a premium version of the same so far as known Galaxy F which may not only take a aluminum body but also have different characteristics with respect to the new model of the Galaxy family.

Regarding the announcement at the Mobile World Congress, it is possible that the Korean organize a parallel event ​​for the exclusive reserve through a separate location or at different times in other cities but shortly after the end of MWC 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini "Black Edition" coming in February

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 | 0 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will have a total black version, the latest to miss all the color tones already available Samsung reserves usually last.

The hardware will of course remain the same; will also be a variant of the same color for the model dual-sim accumulate all by the presence of Android 4.3 on board. Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition should arrive in the next month February, highlighting even more the deep blacks of the Super AMOLED display with a good chance of being able to see already exposed in the upcoming trade fairs.

Two new Christmas photo effects for the Auto Awesome Google+

Friday, December 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, here come two new filters from Google for the function Awesome Car of the Google+ social network and can also be used by Android smartphones. Awesome car allows you to edit your photos, add various effects to your photos are that video. 

The two new filters, allow you to add a nice effect "snow" to the photos for the first, while the second makes all the lights twinkling, giving the feeling that radiate as if we were watching the live image, perfect to use if we wanted to enrich the click of a Christmas tree or a tree lit and festively decorated.


Both effects are not limited to the Christmas season, but will always be available, but I could not choose a better time to introduce them. And you'll use the Auto Awesome to embellish your Christmas pictures?

Google Nexus 5 for all but not for LG, which he wanted to, call Nexus G [Inquisitiveness]

Saturday, November 16, 2013 | 0 comments

Although we have learned to identify the latest products in the Nexus range through a number, it must be remembered also that in the past Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus (both made ​​by Samsung) have been an exception, containing a reference to the line of smartphones Korean manufacturer: first with the letter S and then with the use of the Galaxy brand.

Starting from this premise are interesting rumors on the current Nexus 5, who also wanted to sell LG as the Google Nexus G, clearly inspired by the line device of the Korean manufacturer, after the renewal of the brand and the introduction of the letter G on all the latest products (LG G2, LG G Pad).

Google would obviously rejected the idea, and one of the most plausible reasons, there might just be the marketing of the Motorola Moto G version of Google Edition, too similar in name to the hypothetical Nexus G.

Larger display and touch sensor further refined in the next iPhone?

Monday, November 11, 2013 | 0 comments

This time it's Bloomberg  move to new hypotheses about the next generation iPhone, uniting with other important items such as WSJ that in the past months have supported similar hypotheses, and speaking again of a next-generation iPhone characterized primarily by an increase in the diagonal of the display.


There are other details that Bloomberg reports, in fact talking about two different models with 4.7 and 5.5-inch display . The report also supports the implementation of advanced touch sensors that incorporate pressure sensitivity. The anonymous source as it has enjoyed Bloomberg says a change of form factor in favor of a curved glass, while stating that the development is still in its infancy.
iPhone 5s Concept 

As we have repeatedly reported, Apple routinely creates prototypes that are never released, but the rumors of a iPhone characterized by an increased display have surfaced occasionally in the past two months, as said before by the Wall Street Journal , but also from other sources such as NPD DisplaySearch and MacRumors .

Project Ara - The Building Block Smartphone

Monday, November 4, 2013 | 0 comments

Dave Hakkens was the brilliant mind behind what many are calling ‘the lego phone’. Dave came up with the idea when a single component in his favourite camera was damaged and he was advised that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new camera than it would be to buy the single component and replace it. He wanted to create a device where this would no longer be the case, where buying and replacing damaged or less desirable components became so easy that your grandmother could do it.
Project Ara - The Building Block Smartphone

The concept was called Phonebloks. When Dave first announced the idea he set up a website, a prototype and a plan – he wanted to find 500 supporters of the idea, but by the 29th of October had more than 381,000,000 supporters. The project was of course seen as valuable with so many people willing to get behind it, now it is no surprise that Motorola, one of the Google owned mobile phone production companies, has taken up the project with the full intention of producing the modular phone, which will be called Ara.

So – how come Motorola can just take this fantastic idea and make a phone? There are a surprising number of people looking at the Project Ara news and thinking ‘that looks just like phonebloks’; that would be because it is. Ara is not a similar idea, it’s the same idea, using the same concept, plans and designer. Yes; Phonbloks’ Dave Hakkens has teamed up with Motorola to product this fantastic device, with one simple goal in mind – to make a phone that will last a lifetime. There are many people who would consider this impossible, but the amazing fact of the matter is that technology is now ready to produce this and Dave Hakkens has made it possible with his simple but revolutionary idea.

The problem with technology at current is that it becomes outdated; new versions are released and when something more suitable for you comes along or your needs increase your old device just doesn’t hack it any more. Five years ago the phone you had was probably one you had owned for three years, at least, it may have been repaired a few times, some bigger memory cards and a new battery perhaps but it had been the singular device on which you had relied for quite some time. Today things are a little different; the average phone lasts 10 months before being replaced. Either because it was damaged (and replacing it was just easier than repairing it) or because something better came along.

With the Ara this wouldn’t be considered as great a problem; first of all Motorola would not be producing the phone itself, but rather the components for it. Cameras, batteries, clocks, storage, connectivity units; everything would be available separately and in multiple variations (such as bigger or smaller units to suit your individual needs). You build the phone yourself to include everything that you want it to and exclude the components that don’t matter to you, you select the components to be the size and capacity you need them to be and you worry only about the factors that actually matter to you individually. Each part, including the screen might I add, can be removed, upgraded and replaced later as new components are released and the technology itself improves, while you maintain the same device and other components.

Essentially this is evolutionary technology; you help it to evolve and change to meet your own needs and in turn the device will grow and adapt while still being the same device. The mass production of individual parts means that finding and purchasing a replacement part need never be a difficult or hugely costly task and is demonstrated as being very simple. Personally, after the disappointments that have come from some of the recent iOS updates, I am looking forward to seeing this highly flexible and adaptable smartphone, which is likely to be seen running Android when it is released though this has not been directly confirmed it has been said that the phone will “do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software”. 

Kate Critchlow has a keen interest in technology, in particular technology news such as Motorola’s Project Ara.

Tim Cook "iPhone 5C has never been thought of as entry level smartphones"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | 0 comments

Many of the topics discussed during the recent "Earning call" on the financial results of Apple, so among the curiosities are some comments from Tim Cook on the new iPhone 5C, telephone initially expected by many as a response to the mid-level on the market.

Cook once again proving that he had never thought about the realization of the iPhone 5C as a device designed for the midrange. Responding to an analyst, Cook claimed that iPhone 5C was thought of as intermediate device between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S, leaving the entry-level to 4S, the intent is obviously to grow sales of all three devices.

Many users continue to see iPhone 5C as a low-end device Mancat either, and certainly the media have played a role in the creation of this thinking, of course, the evaluation of such a move by Apple, it is still to be determined. Although 5C iPhone has sold just now, it seems that total sales of devices can give some reason to Cook; we'll see what news will bring the next quarterly results.

Google is preparing a renewal of hardware for the current version of Glass


The current version of the Google Glass known to date will be improved in the hardware specifications before arrival in the sales channels. This is confirmed by the development team through its Google+ page, as well as announcing the new version will soon be available for all participants in the Explorer program.
Google Glass New Hardware

The restyling of the hypothetical Google Glass 2.0 will adopt lighter lines, will be included support for prescription lenses and finally mount an ear-bud with mono audio output to improve the output audio in noisy environments (one of the major flaws of the current version).

No mention unfortunately regarding the battery life but at least in the coming weeks the program Glass Explorer allow you to invite up to 3 friends thus extending the tests and user feedback in order to obtain an even better product before the official launch.

In the future Google Glass could support the hand gestures

Friday, October 18, 2013 | 0 comments

A to talk once again of Google Glass, wearable computing and related technologies today is a Google patent on a feature for the detection of hand gestures through camera. From here you imagine this technology as a new way to communicate with Glass is a short step, though things might be a bit 'more complicated than that.


The software to identify gestures should be based on the same principle of any recognition software, video, and therefore be able to distinguish at least the 'forms' predetermined. The example of the heart shown in the patent makes the idea and might suggest an input that refers for example to a like on a social network. That this may derive from a real recognition of gestures is a desirable development, but difficult to see that in the short term.

The patent in question was originally filed in June 2011, and considering the character assumed by the Google Glass seems unlikely now entering a new mode of input beyond voice input, swipe bar and head movements. On the other hand, assuming a redesign of the device in view of its actual commercial launch, the final version of the Glass may differ significantly from the one dedicated to the Explorers program. Unless immediate future, however, there is certainly to be expected that the wearable computing will evolve in this direction and that the hand gestures soon become part of the user interface-terminus.

Where's My Water? 2 apk v1.0.0 officially entered Play Store Free Download for Android

Thursday, October 10, 2013 | 0 comments

Behind the success of the first episode, Disney Store Play in public the new chapter of the game Where's My Water? 2 . Join Swampy, Cranky and Allie in their new and exciting adventure! This is obviously the result of the most addictive physics-based puzzle weblog Disney and comes with three latest places, as well as the Sewer, the soap factory and the beach.
Where's my Water? 2 free download for Android from Google Play Store

Latest Features:

  • Play more than 100 levels and challenges with a new look into the world of alligators along with Swampy, Allie, Cranky and mysterious duck!
  • New Challenge mode levels to deal with again in different ways and explosives!
  • Dig as quickly as possible and conquer many ducks at the duck race in the levels!
  • Get three ducks is now easier and more fun with powerups like Exhaust Fan, eyedropper and absorber! To obtain these additional upgrades may be required a small amount of money.
  • Via Facebook as well as attempt to hit your friends!
  • Enjoy fun and unique mechanical designed for each character!
  • Attainment targets and earn ducks in the duck theme as Gladiator, spatial, hula and many more!
  • A level is too hard? Use the tips to solve puzzles!

Name: Where's My Water? 2  Developer: Disney

Price: Free , Download for Android

Microsoft Office 365 will land on iOS iPad only after the touch version for Windows 8


We have seen how a few months ago, precisely in June, Microsoft has released in the App Store a very limited version of Office 365 for the iPhone, but nothing optimized for iPad has been seen until now. During an event in Florida, Gartner, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer said that a specific version for the Apple tablet is currently in the works.
Online Office on iOS iPad after Windows 8

Going down into the specifics of what was said, Ballmer has warned that his company will not release an iPad version before finishing the suite Office for Windows 8 Touch .

It is basically reiterated what was said by the head of the team applications and services, Qi Lu, long ago, namely that the touch versions of the Office suite are under construction, for both Windows and for all major platforms touch.

If the approach had to be maintained with the iPhone version, Office 365 will not be a true and complete productivity suite, as a companion to combine the use of the master suite on the PC, resulting in line with Microsoft's approach in theme applications when it comes to competing devices, just remember Outlook app, where the version of the client for iOS leaves much to be desired resulting incomplete at best and usable only in the presence of subscription to Office 365.

HTC One max: new photos and illustrations stolen fingerprint scanner | New Rumor


" Rain "leak for HTC One max , closer and closer to the official presentation. Past the new alleged list of technical features, additional content related to super smartphone come from HTC. First was issued a new picture "stolen" that would portray the terminal used by a girl on board a means of transport.

Fake or reality? We leave the final word to our readers, after having vision:
HTC One Max New Rumor-001

More interesting images are then those that illustrate the fingerprint scanner,  which will be positioned, according to the numerous rumor concerning him, in the rear of the shell. The image that arouses most interest is the one that follows, considering that seems to suggest the possibility of activating different functions depending on the finger used:
HTC One Max New Rumor-002

One could assume, for example, that functions as unlocking the device, authentication (such as password replacement tool insertion) and the launch of applications can be assigned to each finger. Speculation, for the moment, waiting for the curtain to raise permanently on HTC One max. Following further illustrative images that relate to the fingerprint scanner:

Scanner of HTC One Max New Rumor-003

The intensification of rumors about HTC One Max is certainly a good thing, considering that is helping to change the focus on HTC products at a particularly difficult for the Taiwanese company. HTC One max is undoubtedly one of the terminals that it takes to give a new boost to sales of HTC in the year. The official launch is expected next week.

Source [ A ] - [ B ]  Via [ A] - [ B ]

The Apple A7 chip 64-bit is a marketing gimmick, Qualcomm attack

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Qualcomm is second to none and openly discusses the new Apple chip A7 by the senior vice president  Anand Chandrasekher , polemical tone and direct all the attention going to attack the media which concentrated in the last few weeks using a 64-bit chip. The processor used in the iPhone 5S, top of the range of the house of Cupertino, has been defined as a 'marketing gimmick' than a real technical revolution on the part of the executive Qualcomm, with no real benefit for users at this stage :


We know, because there is so much hype around Apple did with its A7 (64-bit). I think they're doing a marketing operation . There is no benefit that users can draw directly . Due to the chip 64 bit it is possible to handle even more memory but the iPhone 5s only has 1GB of RAM . Basically you would need at least 4GB of memory, so, not if he has no need for the performance, and the type of applications that take advantage of this hardware are usually relegated to the class of server.

Apple wanted to be first to market with a 64-bit chip, anticipating all the chipmaker and other competing hardware platforms, but what are the real advantages present considered to be the rest of the hardware and the software that controls it? While waiting for Cupertino reveal the real advantages today s' strong criticism of Qualcomm, for its part, announced for the near future 64-bit chips, but not before they become really necessary and can be really usable. The executive Qualcomm then concluded:

Will only be meaningful by improving efficiency, in particular the operating systems they feel the need (64 bit) at some point.


Themer Beta: The official app of MyColorScreen arrives in the Play Store in Private Beta


Those who love to customize their smartphone certainly tried, seen, and sailed want some customizations on the site . This is achieved through common programs and UI launcher alternative and degrees of leverage images, widgets and icons to make your home unique and often amazing. Finally, after several months of development, has arrived in the Play Store the official application:  Themer.

The program allows you to apply all customizations compatible with a click and then setting any widget in a simple and immediate. It is a unique resource in the world of Android modding because, in addition to having fantastic themes, does not provide breakouts, Roma or modifications to your device. They are presently graphical applications not anything new.

Currently, there are 50 themes to download and compatibility of the program is still very small but is currently a closed beta and therefore still not usable by everyone.

Name: Spreaker - Radio & Podcast Developer: Spreaker, Inc.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Limited Edition with flexible display from next month

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 | 0 comments

The LCD variant of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 expected, but still to be confirmed, for emerging markets since November, could even be anticipated by another, built using a flexible display, probably with technology Youm . The report comes from some Korean media, stocks should be very limited as not ready for volume production. This circumstance leads to talk of a possible Limited Edition of  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .


The latest speculation took it for good the possibility that Samsung managed to sell by November first device with a screen 5.6-inch equipped with the new technology in flexible displays, so the hypothesis is in addition to this and really could lead to an issue strictly limited the new Galaxy Note 3.

For the moment, not having any certainty, expect more information, or better yet, a few pictures leaked Samsung as now we have become accustomed.

Samsung confirmed new factories to produce 20nm chips in early 2014


According to a recent report published by DigiTimes, Samsung would already be engaged in the preparation of the facility for the production of chips based on the production process to 20 nanometers . The purpose of Samsung is to launch activities from the beginning of next year it’s confirmed . The current proposals of competitors such as Qualcomm or MediaTek resort to the 28nm process, thus passing to the next step you will get a performance boost, lower power consumption and better heat dissipation.

The report from Digitimes confirms that Samsung has already diverted some of the resources available to the R & D department - working on the design of the chips produced in 14nm - to accelerate the development of the chip to 20nm and compete well with rival TSMC, whose plants in 20nm are already operating at 20-30% yield. However, you will still need to wait to see the work of the 20 nm technology in the mobile arena, a circumstance which could not occur before a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy S6.

Apple still quiet on pre-orders of the iPhone 5C

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 | 0 comments

It's been four days since Apple began accepting pre-orders for iPhone 5C , new replacement iPhone 5 with polycarbonate shell and five different nuances, but have not yet been announced official data on pre-orders.

Only the models are unlocked exhausted, but for the first time since 2009 Apple is missing in the first data report . In a recent press release, not being told anything new, but remember expected to arrive in stores on September 20, iPhone 5C. Since the launch of iPhone 4, Apple has always announced how many pre-orders during the first weekend, for example in 2010 was 600,000 units, only a year later pre-orders of the iPhone 4S topped one million in a single day, while the iPhone 5 last year reached the two million units during the first 24 hours.

Not surprisingly, this anomalous behavior has led to a collapse in the share price by 9 percentage points, currently a slight recovery.

The reason for this anomaly is unknown, someone rumored that Apple is waiting for the next Monday 23 September to announce the actual sales, others maliciously speculate that the phase of pre-order has been below expectations, then we can not say anything with certainty but follow the developments.
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